Wholesale Hardwood Interiors, Inc.




Moulding Tips


- Before finishing, lightly sand all material.

- Due to moisture control issues, we recommend that all surfaces and edges be finished as quickly as possible.

- It is recommended to keep all interior mouldings and millwork (while on the job site) inside a humidity controlled area. To ensure proper moisture content, it is best to allow the material to acclimate for several days prior to installation. If you are unable to store the material in a humidity controlled area, please keep the material off the floor. This will help prevent the material from gaining moisture from uncured concrete or a wood floor with a higher moisture content. When those conditions exist it is best to use a vapor barrier such as a sheet of plastic to cover the material on top and bottom when it is not in use.




- All clear hardwood species are supplied in random lengths between 3' and 16' lengths, depending on the item. Due to these random lengths in clear species, it is acceptable to ship up to 10% overage. Finger joint poplar material is supplied in 14' through 16' lengths, also depending on the item. Finger joint items may have up to 5% of the lengths shorter than 14' and 16'.

- MDF and Ultra-Light is typically 16' in length. Some casing profiles also come in 7' precuts, 10' and 14' lengths.